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Why should your online profile have to look like a beautiful flower?

Imagine that god has created a flower say for example: rose with green colour for its petal (upper part) to be green and sepal (lower part) to be of red colour. Will it have same attractiveness as it have now? I would say it would be ugly, right? So there is an order to be followed and details to be included when creating an online lawyer profile.

Rose Flower


Here is an example of how a lawyer profile should look.Sample profile

You can follow some instructions while giving the details in a lawyer’s directory site, which are:

address bookAdd your full name and address

As profiles in a lawyer’s directory should have a professional look I would suggest you to avoid short names.

Next is the very crucial part of the lawyers profile i.e.  profile pictureProfile photo-Profile photo should give a feeling to the client that you have some respect in the lawyer’s arena. Yes I mean the executive look, but why? If it is question, you can see a suit gives a well arranged look to a human body.

ExperienceIf you are well experienced lawyer then only mention the experience. Try avoiding 0,1,2,3 years of experience figures. If you are confident in yourself then experience doesn’t matter in the legal world, though everyone may not agree with this concept.

At this point almost all people are lazy i.e. EducationTo add the education details practicing courts, locality and a brief description. Well it doesn’t do much but has a good value in the minds of the clients. So add the relevant ones.

Specialization  Be specific about your specializations such as divorce, property, business which should be able to understand by a normal people. Well it doesn’t end here. The specializations should be in order of their respective priority. When there is so much I would suggest to go with alphabetical order.

ReviewsTry to add reviews from your customers and mention it in the profile. If you are thinking why would that be necessary? That would be a mandatory element in the online world which is a measure of how satisfied your previous clients are.

Profile video If possible include a video profile, where you should present yourself in a better way to the customers.

MapsAdd map (location of your office) into your profile. Well it’s the point that almost lawyer doesn’t care. But I would say it is the thing which should be mandatory and included with correct position. Now a day the people won’t ask for directions to their destination but instead they would use mobile or other direction finder devices (GPS) to find the direction.so that time, they can conveniently get to your office.

PhoneDouble check the given phone number and email id, if those two things are wrong and clients become frustrated by it. Your whole build up will be down to nothing. You can also give more numbers here as to ensure that no clients are missed. Include your website as clickable so as to make it to the clients comfort.

Appointment calendarIf possible add an appointment calendar in your profile as it will bring a professional approach. Well it will help also help clients to see that how much scheduled are you. Put a wide range of practice timings; say 8 AM to 10 PM.

Conclusion: Spend few minutes and prepare an online profile with its complete perfection and it would attract more clients to you just like bees to a flower.


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