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Why client’s reviews are important for lawyers and law firms?

Why client’s reviews are important for lawyers and law firms?

Sometimes I think that, why clients are always behind the reviews of lawyers and law firms before they proceed with them. No wonder, this question is relevant especially for legal profession. Because, if you look at lawyer profession there are two chances only, lawyer will succeed or will fail the case. In both cases other party’s lawyer will get the opposite result.

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Even though it’s a reality still clients always looks for review before they proceed with them, it could be because they used to go through reviews and get products and services. I personally interviewed around 20 clients on different subjects and asked the same question, why you would be keen on the lawyer’s review before proceed? Most of them replied me that, they will feel confidence once they have got lawyer’s positive reviews.

How lawyers or law firms can generate review?

Lawyers can ask their satisfied clients to provide their review, they can request them via email with the respective review page and do a follow up further. Lawyers can also ask clients for reviews about him directly.

Where to put client reviews?

There are many websites which would allow clients to add their reviews, lawyers can provide one such website and can add that review to other sites. For example PathLegal lawyers profile, I would personally recommend you to get review on your Google/Bing Local ads as those reviews will be nicely visible to the clients from Google/Bing search because usually clients will search lawyers profile on search engines like Google/Bing.

Can unprofessional & manipulated reviews kill your brand?

Lawyers can manipulate reviews, but don’t underestimate clients as these manipulated reviews can be easily identified.

How to handle negative reviews?

Here is the major part, where lawyers may need to manage negative reviews provided by clients. As we discussed, if a lawyer has frustrated clients then they may provide negative reviews.

I would strongly recommend that a lawyer should not counter the client’s negative review rather start with an apology and provide the reason for failure of the case. The person who reads must feel that, the lawyer had tried the best that he/she can.


Treat the clients in a better way, work closely with them and always update the status of the case. As per my research in doing so clients will provide positive reviews even though it was not a successful case. It is a reality that people are searching for lawyer’s reviews, let them see some customer reviews and that will bring more value to your profile and eventually build your brand.

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