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Tips for Most Effective Google Plus Sharing for lawyers

Tips for Most Effective Google Plus Sharing for lawyers

Every social media’s has its strengths and unique features for promoting your law firm. Nowadays Google+ is an excellent social network for gaining a lot of contacts very quickly.  Google have the ability to add multiple people or connections all in single click.

Identify Most Active Engagers

Using the following methods to find people who always engaged to share, comment, and plus-one on a daily basis:

  • Use search features within Google Plus to find people talking about what’s relevant to your legal practice area and look at their profile to see how much they interact on that discussion.
  • Use keywords related to a topic area (Ex: Criminal lawyers)
  • Look for Law relevant profiles of people who are posting on a regular basis as well. And shared valuable content related on their practice area.
  • And also checkout Number of follower.

Overall most of the attorneys are aware of online marketing so they are visit their social media’s daily and shared any informative content on wall in daily basis.

Spend Some Time Engaging

Adding a bunch of people to your business or friend circle and sharing something interesting topics it might get you a few number of followers and some exposure but not that much.

Spend a few weeks engaging with the people in your circle.  Appreciate their posts and make thoughtful comments on their posts, if valuable then share their content, and be an active member of the community. This way, when you go to share any content in a circle, members will also help you share and promote your post in entire community. And also you might be get more followers through referrals.

How to Organize All Contacts in One Large Circle

  1. Log into your account
  2. Go to the menu in the top left hand corner and select “people”
  3. Click – create a new circle
  4. Here you will see all the circles that you already have going and suggestions for people to add. Use search features to find peoples.
  1. Drag and drop peoples who wants to your newly created
  2. And your shared circle is created!
  3. Make sure you also in the circle. This is how you will grow your own following after  the circle is shared

Guidelines and Share the New Circle

Before you share your newly created circle, you should create some professional guidelines for your network to follow.  In these guidelines and instructions describes about your and also tells who is in the shared on circle.

Tips for Making Most Effective Circle

Before Google+ campaign gets rolling, Make sure following things,

  • Make sure you also added in circle before shared.
  • Appreciate those who participate in your circle (i.e. thank them for sharing, commenting and interacting with the post)
  • Respond to everyone post, comments and likes as promptly as possible
  • Mention people names in your conversations

Benefits of Effective Google+ Campaign.

Google+ and shared circles allows you to engage with many people all at once in common topics.  When people follow your shared circle or share it your circle with their own networks, automatically your following can increase and get more peoples on your network.


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