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Free v/s Paid Listings. Which one is better for Lawyers?

About 17 or 18 years ago people mostly found lawyers on the Internet via directories (the listing of websites by categories and subcategories based on site listings selected by the directory’s team of editors) as opposed to Search engines or search providers such as Google, MSN or Yahoo. However, lawyer’s directories still play an important role in people finding your blog or Website. As such a listing in popular directories …Read More

7 Free Marketing Tools which a lawyer can easily master (no coding required).

Google has an evoking interest in helping lawyer (website owners) put their best foot forward in search. Lawyers who are willing to learn can find a bunch of free tools from Google to help them do SEO (search engine optimization i.e. Optimizing your website towards Google search) on their website. PathLegal has highlighted some tools that Google make available for free that lawyers may not have known about. 1. Google …Read More

Design law firm logo that attracts the potential clients

Suppose you have decided to create a logo for your firm or want to redesign your existing logo, use the five rules of logo design to match your needs. The 5 Principles of Designing Your Logo are: Make the Logo Fit Your Industry Logos are not one-size-fits-all (which is the main problem with many cheap logos). It’s very crucial to look around at the logos of other law firms. Does …Read More

Is It True That a Good Title and an Apt keyword Can Make Improvements in Lawyer’s Career?

Nowadays everyone seems to be using the web either for getting any information or for getting some services which make their life easier. There are lots of sectors and services on the internet which can increase popularity on the web for a person, a company, or a business. The career of a lawyer truly depends upon the rate of satisfied clients they have. Satisfied clients are the key elements that …Read More

Why should lawyers write blogs to boost their business?

    Here follows a simple understandable blog explaining “why Blogging for Lawyers is important” The marketing strategies of all law firms will be extremely different from others. The expert way of marketing will boost your business to a particular extent. But the thing is you have to make your resources which promise a greater return to clients. One of the effective tools to boost your business is ‘Blogging’. Goals …Read More