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On-page Tips for Lawyers Website

On-page Tips for Lawyers Website

On-Page factors plays vital role in SEO. Quality and good On-page website ranks well in search engines, some of the main on- page for lawyers and law firms websites are listed below,

Header Tags

Header tags are important because they give search engine bots an idea about our web product.  Web page targeted keyword for the page and its variants should be in the header tags on the site. Use one H1 Tag on the lawyers’ website it will help to increase search results ranking.

Page Speed

Page loading time is a very important factor not only for SEO because of the impact it has on usability. If a user waits more than a few seconds to go live site, it will hurt search engine ranking so use external CSS and clear unwanted script code in website coding. Make sure our services, web product always friendly on search engines.

Title Tags

Title tags are very important and descriptive tag for search engines. This tag tells lawyer’s services for search engines as well as website visitors too. We can use primary keywords front loaded into these tags and also spread your secondary keywords. Be sure to stay in the 60-70 character lengths

Structured URLs

Silo structured URL is good for SEO, this tactic is simply making your landing page URLs easier for people to read and for search engines to index.  Having your target primary keyword for the page in the URL is also a big plus for getting good results on SERPs.  Avoid using special characters like underscores or tildes in your URLs.  Include keywords in them as well.

Optimized Images

Optimized Images help in a couple of different areas.  Not only for recognition on a keyword have levelled but it also helped for increasing page speed.  Use small and described the images on lawyers site, huge number of images hurts site speed time.

301 Redirects

Redirects are important for many reasons.  If you are changing the location of a particular page that has many back links without losing quality links you can redirect a page permanently using 301 redirect. Always make sure you are using 301 or permanent redirects.

Broken Links Error

Broken links not only affect search engine results, they also provide a poor user experience.  No one likes to landing broken or error pages. So be always removing broken links on site.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are important information about data that search engines use to identify what is on a page as well as on the search results information.  A meta tag description, for example, is something that could potentially be seen by someone searching for you.

Social Engagement

Social signals are becoming an important factor in the SEO field.  Engage all social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, etc…  Share original and quality content on third party sites it will bring more revenue on your website.

Internal Linking

Internal linking can be very important in terms of Page Rank algorithm, it will sculpt and ease of use for visitors. For internal linking you can use targeted keywords.

Canonicalization Issue

Make sure your website has canonical versions of all URLs so that search engines know which pages to index.  It will help to avoid duplicate content on web pages. Develop unique and quality content for law firm web sites, it will help improve the SERPs ranking…


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