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Lawyers in India can have their website?

Lawyers in India can have their website?

Many Indian lawyers and law firms asked me the same question; they asked me that, whether lawyers in India can have a website or not as it there was some sort of restriction from Bar council of India.  The rule has been amended by bar council of India and now lawyers, law firms and advocates can have their websites. They were partially true that earlier there were restrictions in India to own website by lawyer’s community.

Now the question is what all they can have in their website, yes there is a limit for their content in the website as it should not presented as an advertisement.  In other way it should represent only the information about the lawyer and his profile. Bar council of India still bring some restriction to the lawyer’s website as it should contain the lawyer information only such as About Us, Services, Contact, etc.

lawyer in India can have their website?

Logically, having a website is not an advertisement, rather its giving more information about the lawyer and connectivity to the public. The world is growing fast with the technology and I think, the law should allow the lawyer should able to present their profile in a better way and personally I feel that bar council of India should allow lawyers to have their website with their own representation, why because, a website is like an advocate room where lawyers are allowed to modify the room anytime without any restriction (actually room also have some restrictions, for example the name board size).

Here by I conclude that, the present rule by bar council of India allows lawyers to have their own website with its limited information about the lawyer. The websites can have pages like About, Services, Contact, etc…

Reference: http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/lawyers-can-have-websites-bci-tells-supreme-court/article1303460.ece


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Sunil Joseph

Founder & CEO


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