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Lawyer Referral’s ah yes! It’s not obsolete yet?

For practicing lawyers, it is all about the leads that you can get.


Social media marketing is the new way of getting attention and as a  result, it helps to get more clients.but it can’t fully replace the importance of referrals or useful leads as a means to increase a practice’s bottom line of a lawyer or law firm. It is just like the word of mouth advertising in the virtual world. With so much of consumers turning to the internet to search for an experienced lawyer, will they be able to locate you?

 But it is not easy to make such referrals because it purely depends on how satisfied your clients are? It’s a blend of personality and subject knowledge can make you a distinct practitioner.

Benefits of Legal Directory Listing:

supply chainIt gives the lawyers everlasting supply of referrals.

rankingsIt indirectly can improve your and your keyword strength can bloom in a good way most of the search engines like such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

likePeople will follow your views and or the contents that you write on your blogs.

hand shakeThe client loyalty may arise when you deliver satisfied clients.

SpecializationThe clients can see your experience and your specialization parts that may become a sure bet to get more and more clients.

PhoneEven if a client will miss your contact, He can easily search for you by going to the respective online directory site.

lens zoomed to personIt provides a greater visibility.

business cardIt becomes a good business card that will last forever and thus clients don’t have to carry anything. They can share the same with a click of a button.

Some Knowledge worth Sharing

specs showing clear from blur

We PathLegal have some knowledge in why this need of lawyer’s directory listing is crucial?  So we are sharing some of them with you. We are getting many phone calls from clients and they were asking for a specific lawyer’s number. We are helping them finding their lawyer but sometimes we could not attend them or the respective lawyer may be present in our directory. So we have had to just avoid them or ask them to look for another lawyer. So in this respect, there is a lesson to all lawyers to ensure listing of his/her profile in every lawyer’s directory to attract potential clients from all over the country.

Factors to Consider When Searching for Lawyer Directories


  1. The types of listings: Listings are considered a source of valuable information. Internet users always try to search for the most reliable listings, with the most comprehensive and relevant information. The more listings a directory have the better.
  1. How listings are categorized and the number of categories allowed. Most directories categorize their listings by location and areas of practice.
  2. The amount of traffic the directory generates but it doesn’t do much when you have your loyalty build up from the current satisfied clients.
  3. The listing cost.

So it is clear that referrals in virtual or real world have big value in helping the lawyer build his law career. A Lawyer with high referrals also means that he has a large number of satisfied clients.


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