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Law Firm Content Marketing Tips

Law Firm Content Marketing Tips

Content development is an very important part of any online marketing.  It can effects users visit website, it impacts a website’s presence in search and forms the base of all the other online marketing efforts for a law firm.  For professional lawyers site in particular, content needs to be unique and quality written by a professional writer.

Content strategies can be challenging part to develop if the target audience is misunderstood.  Making buyer personas is a good exercise in understanding that valuable clients are what their needs might be and why they may be searching for lawyers.

Building out a persona is an effective strategy for developing content for marketing.  Lawyers and law firms should spend some time and figure out who their clients is.  Audience come from anywhere including:

  • Experience
  • Market research
  • Analytics platforms
  • Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Colleagues

By having exact and complete buyer personas it is much easier to develop content that the target market will find valuable.

Legal Content Marketing Ethics

Lawyers and Law firms have to be careful about the content developing and publish on professional website.  For every business needs to consider quality and product relevant content but lawyers may be focus unique and quality content depending on the practicing area.  Attorneys should check advertising guidelines with their particular region as it relates to the legal profession before they get too involved with a content development strategy.

Learn From Clients

For making good buyer personas is listening to what clients have to say and what they look for in an attorney.  Lawyers can do that by learning about their audience on social media sites, surveys, or asking feedbacks from clients. Lawyers can find opportunities to make note of what clients needs is important one to make good relationship with clients.  Then, lawyers write down good content based on what they learn from their clients and upload to website.

Develop Mobile Friendly Content

Nowadays, Mobile device is a primary communication channel so lawyers can develop their content more mobile friendly. If audience have to work to adjust the window to read site text or it is not mobile responsive at all, so they feel bad experience on lawyers site. Having a mobile friendly law firm website is an important part of the puzzle.  Make content readable and informative so people can always engaged on your site.


Try to keep people on a web page by not offering ways for them to from site. Quality and informative content will helps to engage peoples more time on website. Most of the time audience leave because content is not good or they didn’t find any information for their requirements.

A lawyer’s content strategy is the base of their online marketing.  Concentrate and produce good content of particular practice area and purplish on website.  These all are ethical way that helps to increase audience. CONTENT IS THE KING OF ONLINE MARKETING!!!!


Please feel free to comment if you have any question in this regard, I will be happy to assist you with my best.

Sunil Joseph
Founder & CEO



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