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Free v/s Paid Listings. Which one is better for Lawyers?

About 17 or 18 years ago people mostly found lawyers on the Internet via directories (the listing of websites by categories and subcategories based on site listings selected by the directory’s team of editors) as opposed to Search engines or search providers such as Google, MSN or Yahoo.

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However, lawyer’s directories still play an important role in people finding your blog or Website. As such a listing in popular directories enhances your rankings in search results. The reason – inbound, one-way links from popular sites indicate your site or blog’s popularity to the search engines.

Here we show some facts that you can consider while listing your profile on lawyers directories:

Different types of directories

  • General directories that include categories for almost everything.
  • Specific directories that contain categories to match specific area(s) of interest e.g. websites and blogs about tax issues.

free vs paid

Based on monetary terms it is further divided to:

  • Free listing: Most directories do not require a fee and offer full service without charging a penny.
  • Paid listing: When you pay, you are going to be listed quickly whereas the free ones can take time and there is no guarantee you will be listed.
  • Both Free and Paid: Some offer a mixture between free and paid listing. Those directories usually provide a miniature service to its free listings.

But it is always better to go for free listings but many won’t agree to it. Now in the technological era, most of the services through online are either changed to fully free or charging only for a specific service. The directories which only offer paid listings are also unwillingly changed to the mixed one.

Information needed to submit to lawyers directories

Gather key information in advance and to use the same information when submitting to all lawyers directories:

  • Your website address
  • Title of your ad
  • Description
  • Key phrases and keywords that describe it
  • If for lawyer specify specialization (priority order), education (descending order) and work experience (if you have a respectable one. Please avoid 1,2,3,4 years)

Place key phrases that describe your website into the Title text and Description text you submit, especially into the Title text (this is known as anchor text/clickable text optimization). Some of the directories may ask you to provide keywords that describe your website. It may locate your site when someone performs a search within the lawyer’s directory. Focus more on writing a key phrase-rich title and description entries.

Tips when submitting to lawyers directories

  • Submit your lawyer website link to the most appropriate category. It not only makes the directory editor’s job a little easier, therefore speeding up your profile listing, but also the search engines will look at the other links that surround you on the page you are listed on and if they are of a similar subject to your own this can boost your rankings.
  • Be patient. If you are not paying in the directory then your link listing has a lower priority than paid listings. It can take several months to get listed in some directories so it can be frustrating. Do not resubmit – you can be penalized.
  • Keep a log. One of the most useful things to do upon submitting to a directory is to write the name of the directory and the date of submission into a log of some sort (try an Excel sheet). This prevents you from submitting to a lawyers directory more than once (keeping the editors happy) and gives you the satisfaction that you are getting something done. When your link gets listed in the directory mark it off in your log.

Conclusion: In some way, you can see free directory list is sufficient but some will have an opposing opinion. We would advise you to gather some information or benefits before opting for paid one.


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