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Best SEO Tools to Track Lawyers Website Progress

Best SEO Tools to Track Lawyers Website Progress

Using Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines from a user point of view isn’t always the best method of tracking where your website falls in the SERPs.  It’s often better to use tools specifically designed for checking tracking website progress. Some of the best tools for tracking your law firm websites are listed below,

Google Webmaster Tools

It’s a power full tools and free service provided by Google.  Google Webmaster Tools has become a very useful tool for website owners.  You can see search queries, HTML errors, Google crawl your pages and errors, back-links details, sitemap.xml submission, and other analysis tasks.

This tool allows you to save data over time to time and compare your progress in optimizing your site.  Most importantly, Google webmaster tools sent warning message of manual actions, spam or if your site has any unethical data.


SEO Power Suite

The Power Suite is software, installed on your personal or official computer and there is a different program depending on what kind of SEO tactics you’re doing.  For example Rank Tracker allows you to track the position of your targeted keywords in SERPs.  Link assistant allows you to analyze links and even create email templates and campaigns for contacting other webmasters for link building activities.

You can get the Power suite for $1,200.  Power Suite gives you highly accurate data about your website SEO activities and its allows to perform site analysis on a regular basis.


Quality back-links are one of the important part of SEO.  Ahrefs.com is a great tool for analyzing and measuring your back-links and keeping your website neat and clean quality inbound links.  On Ahrefs, You can get reports on how many back-links, what types of links they are (do Follow or No Follow), anchor text used, and a lot of other information related to links. Ahrefs is an online service tool. A basic plan allowing you to analyze 5,000 back links is 79 dollars per month.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog does an on-site audit about your website.  Use Screaming Frog to scan your site and see information related to your web pages like length of titles and Meta tags, URLs Structure, images and their alt tags, redirects and canonical URLs info.

It’s allows free service up to 500 pages.  If your website has more than 500 pages then you’ll go with paid service.  With the free service you also will not be able to save reports but you can still export them into Excel file.


Frankly speaking Google Webmaster Tools are enough to track your website progress and that what I use for my all websites. You can also use Google Analytic to find the website traffic detail.

Please feel free to comment if you have any question in this regard, I will be happy to assist you with my best.

Sunil Joseph
Founder & CEO

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